About Me

I train in and study traditional martial arts but do not consider myself a martial artist. That is in the sense that I do not like labels. The fact that I train does not define me but is only a part of who I am. I do however, enjoy it very much and want to chronicle my experiences and pass on some of what I have both learned and discovered.

I train in Uechi-ryu karate - see links for more information. It appeals to me because of its focus on Sanchin (Three Battles or Conflicts). These are between the Mind, Body and Spirit. This focus is not a philosophy per se, or a "self-help" system, but a simple combination of a fighting style, mental focus and spiritual awareness that takes years to master. Don't worry, it is not going to turn you into an atheist nor is it incompatible with any religion. :-)

This all said, Uechi-ryu is a vicious, close quarters, "empty-hand" fighting system and being conflict-free is very important in making it, and any other endeavor, work. If you want to try it, temper your expectations. You will not be a kick-ass fighter in one year. If that's all you want or need, then you can get that by training in boxing, MMA or street fighting. With the proper Sensei, or teacher, and determination, Uechi-ryu will teach you this and much more.

Thanks for coming by and leave a comment or two. I look forward to it.

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