Monday, May 14, 2012


Explosiveness is a much talked about, but difficult skill to achieve in karate. Many people think of it as being really fast or hitting really hard. The concept of fajin "(expressed power)" brings it into better perspective. "Fajin is considered by many to be the most sophisticated physical expression of energy in the martial arts...".

Uechi-ryu has many movements that give the practitioner the opportunity to practice explosive movements solo, and with partners. And for a system that focuses on close-in or close combat fighting, being able to learn and use these techniques is an important, though not the only, step to your success.

I suggest reading more about the theory and application of explosiveness, and how it applies to Uechi-ryu. These are two great resources.
  1. Elements of Fajin in Uechi-ryu Karate, by David Elkins, L.C.S.W.
  2. Explosive Karate, (1) by Arthur Rabesa (
  3. Explosive Karate, (2) by Arthur Rabesa (EasternArts)

Some examples of this explosiveness in action by Wayne Otto, 5 Dan. Though it's kumite, you see the explosiveness and control exhibited.

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