Thursday, June 23, 2011

Product Review - Breakable Boards and Focus Targets

I will be reviewing products from time to time for Karate Depot. I do not receive any compensation for the reviews but do get to keep the item(s) that I review. I purchased a few things (sparring gloves) from Karate Depot before I started my blog. I was pleased with the products at the time and considered my experience to be a positive one.

I received four products this time and was able to test them out with my son and wife (she took Karate and Kickboxing for a few years). I will be including links to the products and some pictures, etc. from me.

The first two items are Rebreakable Boards by KD Elite. These are strong plastic boards that are made to be more resistant as you progress. You can purchase boards that are harder to break as your strength and technique improve. See the product description on the web site which includes a good how-to video, especially on putting them together for the first few times.

The boards are strong and you can tell the difference between the levels. I received the “White Belt” and “Yellow Belt” boards (the two easiest ones). My son, who is a 6 Kyu, was able to easily break the white board but had difficulty at first with the yellow one. There is definitely a difference in the resistance levels. He was able to easily kick through them both. My wife could break the white one, but not the yellow; she even got a small bruise on the palm of her hand. But that had more to do with her not having trained in a while. In my opinion they may not be for true beginners, not all martial arts schools teach breaking right away.

Beginners should not attempt to break these with a seiken strikes (full-fisted punches). If not done correctly, you will hurt your hand, wrist or arm. It’s better to start with an elbow or palm strike. Talk to your instructor first before trying this at home.

I liked the rubber padding on the back of each one that makes easier to maintain your grip while holding them. I also like the fact that they are durable and from the look and feel will keep their resistance and last for years. If price is not an issue or you are buying this product for your school, then these boards would be a great option for you.

The third item is the Elite Vinyl Focus Target: Double by KD Elite. This target can be used for striking and kicking, but mostly kicking. The target is easy to hold and the wrist strap stays on and does not get in the way. The padding is good and it makes a loud popping sound when kicked hard. I’d say this target is better suited for children due to its size though more advanced students would get good some really use out of it too. The striking area is 8”x11.5” and it is well padded and feels very sturdy for its size.

The last item is the Square Hand Target by KD Elite. This target measures 10”x9”x3.5” and is a great target. It’s got thick padding and the straps are easy to get your arms through to hold it. We all had a good time striking this one over and over. I would definitely recommend this.

 I hope these reviews help you, leave comments if you have any questions.

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  1. children can't break the boards because they aren't black belts. Supposed to show strength & at no time do they have a 500 lbs. bench press punch.


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