Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Year, New Session, Ready to Go

The end of last year was very busy for me and the beginning is shaping up the same. Karate has begun and I'm back helping teach the class my son attends. I felt pretty good today until our second Kanshiwa kata when I re-aggravated a nerve in my foot...That smarted. :-)

We have 6 and 5 Kyus in this class and I helped work with the 6 Kyus on their Kanshiwa. It's time for them really start showing some intent, snap and quickness in their katas and everything else. It's interesting to note that at this level they have the same kind of attributes to work on. Proper extension of Shuto Uchi, relaxing shoulders before a Nukite, intent (Tiger Eyes), time on target, etc.

The kids always seem to take to it a little faster than the adults but now it's evening out. You have to focus even more on explaining things correctly and making sure they listen and go slowly, especially during Sanchin testing.

I'm looking forward to getting back both for the experience of helping other students and to help lose a bit of the Holiday goodness I gained. The kids and adults look motivated, especially after our school had students place anywhere from 1 to 4 in different ages and categories at the World Cup Martial Arts Organization tournament in Reston, VA this weekend. It should be a good session.

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