Monday, May 20, 2013

Please Let Me Re-Introduce Myself

Sorry for changing up the Rolling Stones lyric in the title.  As you can tell from the deafening silence, I have not posted in nearly one year. Lots of things were going on.  I know it is hard to regain an audience but I will be posting again and hope to get back to what led me to start this blog to begin with.

My back has been improving steadily and I've signed up for Uech-ryu classes at my old school later this Summer. I don't intend to go full out (go for next rank, etc.), at least not now. I've always liked the spiritual and meditative aspects of traditional martial arts and find that it's more complete when you train in a group rather than just alone. I hope to go into this further in future posts.

Until then, take a look at the Sanchin testing video. It is being conducted by Gushi Sensei and I believe the student on the left is either his son or grandson. The other student is using sanchin jars - you can find out more about them here, but essentially they are used to develop hand strength/grip. They also are the reason for "Uechi Shoulders".

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